Dividend Income

Here is my dividend income for each month of 2014-2017 and the total for that year.


January 2017: $827.29
February 2017: $741.83
March 2017: $646.14
April 2017: $836.18
May 2017: $844.18
June 2017: $689.38
July 2017: $871.27
2017 Total: $5456.27


January 2016: $737.38
February 2016: $683.18
March 2016: $627.23
April 2016: $716.18
May 2016: $686.07
June 2016: $622.17
July 2016: $782.60
August 2016: $824.30
September 2016: $624.10
October 2016: $830.50
November 2016: $634.30
December 2016: $773.45
2016 Total: $8541.46


January 2015: $617.79
February 2015: $502.08
March 2015: $595.01
April 2015: $566.08
May 2015: $668.58
June 2015: $592.76
July 2015: $600.67
August 2015: $648.67
September 2015: $620.22
October 2015: $627.53
November 2015: $574.03
December 2015: $747.83
2015 Total: $7361.25


January 2014: $380.16
February 2014: $385.86
March 2014: $567.66
April 2014: $391.56
May 2014: $406.86
June 2014: $593.23
July 2014: $427.13
August 2014: $427.13
September 2014: $534.73
October 2014: $617.48
November 2014: $491.56
December 2014: $537.51
2014 Total: $5760.87


Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures (pixabay.com)


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  1. DividendDreamer

    Good consistant dividend payments. Great job.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. Dividend Quest

    Thanks for visiting! I’ll certainly keep cranking, as this dividend machine is picking up some speed and is producing some respectable monthly income that’s steadily growing. Passive income rocks!

  3. A Frugal Family's Journey

    Nice income stream DQ!. We are a few years away from that kind of return…..just started following you and have added you to your Blogroll. Keep up the great work! AFFJ

  4. Dividend Quest

    Thanks for the visit AFFJ! And thanks for adding Dividend Quest to your blogroll (and I added AFFJ to my blogroll too)! Two years ago $500 per month in dividend income seemed beyond my grasp, but now it’s a reality. Just keep investing smartly and consistently, and you’ll grow your dividend income to ever greater levels.

  5. Dividend Growth Bunny

    WOW!!!! I like the fact your dividend income increase rapidly each year. May I know how much additional money are you putting into your portfolio each month?? I recently just started my dividend growth portfolio and my blog. It’s not doing that well now since the overall market is down. However I am using this opportunity to purchase more dividend growth stocks. Please check out my blog at http://www.dividendgrowthbunny.com

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for visiting Bunny. I have a “matching program” where I regularly transfer fresh capital for stock buys twice per month, with the total cash amount matching the previous month’s dividend income. For example, in December I received $747 in dividends. This month I will transfer $750 (or 2 x $375) into my account’s cash fund for investing. I have been doing this matching strategy for the past two years and it has worked great in giving my cash transfers some needed regularity and discipline.

      Yeah, the Chinese stock market turmoil has impacted me too, shaving nearly $2000 off my portfolio’s value in just a couple days. Like you, I’ve taken advantage of the downturn and added some dividend stocks to my portfolio. 🙂

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