Aug 03 2017

Dividend Income Report for July 2017

July 2017 is finished and done. I hope every US reader had a great Independence Day and every dividend investor had a good month. The heatwave hitting the Pacific Northwest this week has impacted my productivity a bit, so I’ve been feeling lethargic and not very energetic. So sorry for the slight delay in getting this post out the door this week.

How was my dividend income for July? Well let’s do the numbers and see
AWP $ 45.00
BGY $ 38.00*
CHW $ 21.00*
CIK $ 22.00*
CLM $ 46.52*
CODI $144.00
DHY $ 38.50
DMF $ 12.30
DSM $ 22.83
EAD $ 9.57
EDF $ 45.00*
EHI $ 27.00
EXG $114.00*
NCV $ 45.50
OIA $ 4.30
PFN $ 36.00
PNNT $ 81.00
RA $ 69.85
VFL $ 15.00
ZTR $ 33.90
TOTAL $871.27

* Includes Return of Capital

Yeah!! Another all time monthly record has been made, with July’s dividend income coming in at $871.27! The quarterly dividend distributions from CODI and PNNT made quite a difference in the month’s total dividend income. The $900 month is getting sooooo close now. I can almost reach out and touch it!

However, July wasn’t all peaches and cream. The month did see a dividend cut, as EHI trimmed its dividend back by 10%, from 7.5 cents to 6.75 cents. It’s a slight nick, but it’s certainly felt.

Overall, July was a great month. That $900 month just keeps getting closer and I look forward to reaching that goal.

Image Credit: jarmoluk (pixabay.com)


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