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May 08 2020

My Latest Trades: CLM, PNNT, USA (buys); RA (sells)

It has been quite some time since I’ve made a buy, mainly because I have little cash to invest with. But still, with the late February market crash in reaction to the rapidly growing COVID-19 pandemic, I felt it was a good time to make a move and buy some stocks. So on March 2, …

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Aug 17 2019

My Latest Trades: DMF (sell); CLM, HQL, PNNT (buys)

Again, like in June, I decided to sell off a low-yielding dividend stock to finance the purchase of higher-yielding dividend stocks and take home a little cash. This strategy serves to help offset the damage from the various dividends cuts my portfolio suffered earlier this year. In late July I sold off my remaining 215 …

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Jul 03 2019

My Latest Trades: VFL, DMF (sells); PNNT, HQL (buys)

June was certainly an unusually busy month for trades, with two sells and two buys. With all the dividend cuts my portfolio has suffered this year, I decided to sell off some low yielding (but tax-free) stock and buy stocks with higher yields. Plus I needed to tap my portfolio for some cash to cover …

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May 21 2019

My Latest Trades: OIA (sell), PNNT (buy)

This is a quick yet different posting, as I’m combining a stock sale and buy report in the same posting which is something I’ve never done before. First, I sold all 125 of my shares of OIA back in late March for $7.84 per share ($980.00 total). Considering how my initial cost basis was $874.88 …

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Jun 05 2018

Dividend Income Report: May 2018

May is now over and after the past couple weeks being cool and overcast here in the Pacific Northwest, summer seems to be picking up steam as we begin June. Yeah! But being a homeowner, that means more outdoor work and maintenance for me. Yay. 😐 Other than that, May was a pretty uneventful month, …

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Nov 07 2017

My Latest Sale: WDR

In late October I learned that Waddell & Reed Financial (NYSE:WDR) would slash their quarterly dividend from 46 cents per share to 25 cents (a 45.7% reduction!) beginning with its Q1 2018 payout on February 1st. This would drastically cut my annual yield for WDR from 10.61% to 5.77%. I normally make 5.00% my “cut …

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Apr 03 2017

My Latest Sale: RSO

Last November, Resource Capital Corp. (NYSE:RSO) announced that it was going to cut its quarterly dividend from 42 cents to 5 cents (-88.1%). Because of this cut, my annual yield for RSO dropped from 9.58% to 1.14%. Ouch! With such a wretched dividend yield, RSO became a good candidate for selling off. Even if sold …

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Feb 01 2017

My Latest Sale: DHT

I don’t sell off dividend stocks very often, mainly because a dividend paying stock is an asset that should be kept for the long haul and shouldn’t be sold for just capital gains. As a dividend investor, it sometimes becomes necessary to dump a stock when its dividend yield falls so low that there’s little …

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Nov 30 2014

My Latest Sale: Employer’s Stock Grant

For nearly half my working life, I’ve worked for small-medium sized privately held companies, but for the past 14 years I’ve worked for a company that’s owned by a Fortune 100 corporation. Part of my compensation and benefits package is the parent company’s stock options and stock grants. I usually cash out a stock option …

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