May 11 2023

Dividend Income Report: April 2023

Well, spring *finally* has arrived. April brought some rain to the Pacific Northwest, but starting a few days ago the temps started rising and days are largely sunny. Yay! As for the stock market, it has certainly had its ups and downs. The banking crisis seems to diminished, although it hasn’t completely gone away given …

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Apr 03 2023

Dividend Income Report: March 2023

Goodbye March, hello April! Here in the Pacific Northwest, winter’s grip has loosened a bit but has not entirely given way to spring. A mix of snow and rain is in the forcast for tonight, but soon the expected temperatures are predicted to rise a bit, with more rain. In early March, the market got …

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Mar 14 2023

Dividend Income Report: February 2023

With February over, we’re a month closer to seeing the end of winter, although it seems winter isn’t done with us yet here in the Pacific Northwest. In February and March, we had plenty of snow and rain, certainly more than average for my area. As of the time of this writing, the markets are …

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Feb 08 2023

Dividend Income Report: January 2023

Wow, one twelfth of the year is already gone. If you have any New Years resolutions, you better get cracking! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we had a particularly cold week in January but now things are warming up a bit and it has just become rainy and dreary. As for the stock market, January …

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Jan 15 2023

Dividend Income Report: December 2022

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season was good for you and yours. For me, it was okay and nothing to get too excited about. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been nothing but rain, rain, and more rain. I guess that’s why they call it WASHington. As for the stock market, it declined …

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Dec 08 2022

Dividend Income Report: November 2022

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your holiday shopping is going well. As for me, my Thanksgiving with my in-laws was smaller than usual with a couple families out with sick kids and another family now living in Alaska. In November, the market’s upward climb slowed (in comparison to October) and was still …

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Nov 20 2022

Dividend Income Report: October 2022

October is done! I hope your autumn is going well for you and Halloween came with more treats than tricks. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the past couple weeks have been dry and cold. But it’s expected to warm up a little and the rain will return. In October I took a little trip to …

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Oct 03 2022

Dividend Income Report: September 2022

I hope you had a good September (it was certainly a month to remember for those in Florida) and that summer wound down well for you. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the hot days of summer are gone and are now just “warm”. We had our first good rain in three months just last week, …

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Sep 08 2022

Dividend Income Report: August 2022

With August over, summer is rapidly winding down. Here in the Pacific Northwest the mornings are cooler, the sun is setting earlier, and the days are becoming merely “very warm” instead of “seriously hot.” I spotted a couple small golden leaves in my back yard last week, so autumn is right around the corner. Regarding …

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Aug 03 2022

Dividend Income Report: July 2022

I hope you had a good Independence Day last month. I spent the holiday with my in-laws and had a good time. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we were hit with a hit wave, experiencing 100°+ temperatures but fortunately it didn’t last very long. Regarding the stock market, it continued its volatility streak, but there …

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