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I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving in November. Here in the Pacific Northwest, after several sunny but cold days (and colder nights), the usual rain is back and drenching the region’s lower altitudes (and snow is appearing at the hilltops and nearby mountains). After much procrastination, we had our fence replaced. It was in bad shape with rotted out posts, so we had it rebuilt with metal posts this time. It wasn’t a cheap job, but fortunately my neighbor and I split the cost 50/50. As for the stock market, November was pretty good, with my dividend portfolio seeing minor gains. With the Fed not raising interest rates and inflation down (but not out), it has given the market a reason to be guardedly optimistic again.

As for my dividend income in November, let’s do the numbers and see how I did:

ARR $44.00
AWP $44.80
CIK $22.50
CLM $73.68
DHY $27.13
EDF $18.00
EHI $26.80
EXG $71.89
NCV $23.80
PFN $32.31
ZTR $15.00
TOTAL $399.91

* Includes Return of Capital

Just 9 cents away from $400.00! Aaarrggh! <sigh>

Again, because I needed the money, I had to sell off 100 shares of EXG at $7.50/share.

At the start of the month, I had *little* cash to spare, so I bought 20 shares of AWP for $3.58/share. A small buy to slightly mitigate the hit from selling off 100 shares of EXG.

Continuing my little experiment in riding the waves of a volatile penny stock, I made three trades in November. On Nov. 6, I bought 10,000 shares of VDRM at $0.01/share. The NEXT DAY, it jumped and I and sold it all for $0.0135/share. A 35% gain in 24 hours is pretty sweet, eh? On Nov. 27, I bought 13,500 shares of VDRM at $0.01/share. How long will I wait until I sell it all again? Nobody knows. It could be tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Wild unpredictability is what makes penny stocks so risky, and yet they can be astoundingly rewarding if played right.

Overall, November was a slightly disappointing month.

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