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October was a typical autumn month. The trees have almost completely shed their leaves, the nights and early mornings have become quite cold (with a few reaching freezing), and the rain becoming even more frequent. Some days you just want camp out on the sofa and take in a couple movies while drinking hot chocolate. As for the market, the month was largely rather depressing as there were more down days than up, but the final days of the month saw a ray of optimism in the market with the Fed not raising interest rates, so hopefully November will see a substantial rally.

Let’s do the numbers and see how October’s dividend income performed:

ARR $44.00
AWP $44.00
CIK $22.50
CLM $73.68*
DHY $27.13
EDF $16.50*
EHI $26.80*
EXG $82.95*
NCV $23.80
PFN $32.31
ZTR $15.00*
TOTAL $408.67

* Includes Return of Capital

Well, at least October’s total of $408.67 was not below the $400 mark, so that’s about the only good thing I have to say about the month’s total dividends.

October saw several trades made during the month. I sold my 8000 shares of VDRM at $0.0135/share. I then put in a limit order to buy 10,000 shares at $0.01/share. As of this writing that limit order has yet to be filled. Because I needed the money, I sold off my final 100 shares of USA at $6.0262/share, and later sold off 100 shares of EXG at $7.03/share. I did buy more shares of EDF, starting with 15 shares of EDF at $4.00/share and later 10 shares of EDF at $3.87/share.

Fortunately, there were no dividend cuts in October, so that’s a good thing to report

In summary, October was a so-so month with nothing really notable that occurred.

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