portfolio_600x200My current (as of 6/1/24) dividend investing portfolio:

Updated monthly.

Image Credit: Katrina.Tuliao (Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. dividend dream guy


    nice portfolio , but dont you think its high risk as all your stocks are of high dividend yeilding stock s?
    how long have you been holding this ?


  2. Dividend Quest

    First, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you have found it informative and useful.

    Yes, my chosen stocks are admittedly high risk, as risk is naturally proportional to gain. In a previous posting about why I buy ETFs, I did write a paragraph addressing the risks of ETFs. Most of the ETFs I have are highly leveraged, so that alone increases the risk factor. I also have an entire post about risk tolerance, which also may give you some insight into my thinking about risk.

    So why am I sticking my neck out and not opting for something safer, like dividend growth companies and maybe index funds? Because I’m in my 40s and just don’t have the time and/or capital to reach the same level of income via dividend growth stocks. The issue I have with the dividend growth strategy is that most dividend growth stocks have yields that just currently meet or barely exceed inflation (which has been at about 2-3% and most dividend growth stocks have yields in the 3-5% range). When you’re younger and time is on your side, then the dividend growth strategy is good, but it requires more time and/or capital to achieve.

    As for how long I have been holding my dividend stocks, here are my current stocks and when I made my most recent purchase of them. Some shares have taken time to build up (for example, I made 6 purchases from 2009 to 2010 to own a total of 1500 shares of EXG),

    BGY 05-2010
    CFP 10-2011
    CIK 10-2008
    DHY 06-2013
    EXG 07-2010
    ?? 07-2014
    NCV 11-2013
    OIA 05-2013
    DMF 08-2013
    DSM 11-2013
    HTR 05-2014
    PFN 12-2014
    HQL 08-2014
    RSO 12-2014
    VFL 12-2014
    CTCM 01-2015

  3. DivHut

    As you stated it’s all about risk tolerance and that’s what personal finance is really all about. It’s personal. Portfolio allocation is all about one’s risk tolerance and comfort level with whatever they own for whatever the reason may be. Personally, your portfolio does not suit my needs but I can understand your need to “catch up” as you are starting later in the game. Thanks for sharing your portfolio holdings.

  4. MrAktie

    Hello ,
    I’m a german so my english is not the best …. this is one of the first comments on a website outside from Germany ….. I am also a Dividend investor and wish you all the best … great blog … I come back …
    Thanks a lot for the inspiration
    Yours sincerelly

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thank you for visiting and commenting MrAktie. It is nice knowing that my humble little blog is viewed outside the US and others find it inspiring. Dividend investing is great way to create passive income. Is the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) idea gaining popularity in Germany?

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