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May 2024 is finished, and with the month’s end comes this blog’s review of the month’s dividend income. Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring is slowly transitioning to summer as we have had a couple really warm days, but there were some rain and cloudy days as well. As for the stock market, it’s growth chart looks vaguely like a bell curve, with the month’s beginning and end being almost the same, but the middle of the month saw the Dow break 40,000 for the first time. There is still plenty of concern about interest rates, and so far the Fed is keeping its options open.

It’s that time, so let’s do the numbers and see how my dividend income played out in May…

ARR $26.40
AWP $44.80*
CIK $22.50
CLM $65.16*
DHY $27.13
EDF $18.00*
EHI $28.00*
EXG $26.28*
NCV $23.80*
PFN $32.31*
ZTR $15.00*
TOTAL $329.38

* Includes Return of Capital

May’s dividend total didn’t disappoint, as it continues its slow decline as I sell off stocks and endure dividend cuts.

There’s not much to report about for May. No dividend cuts or increases, and no buys. Because I needed the cash, I sold off 100 shares of EXG at $8.33/share and later another 100 shares of EXG at $8.185/share. My little penny stock experiment took a turn for the worse in May, with a share price of $0.0069 at the month’s end. I will continue to hold, hoping it will turn around and rise to profitability again. Volatile stocks have a way of changing unexpectedly, so I have a limit order in place to sell at $0.0135 should the price jump favorably.

Overall, May was a largely uneventful month, with no real gains or losses (other than the stock I sold off).

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