Jul 03 2019

My Latest Trades: VFL, DMF (sells); PNNT, HQL (buys)

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June was certainly an unusually busy month for trades, with two sells and two buys. With all the dividend cuts my portfolio has suffered this year, I decided to sell off some low yielding (but tax-free) stock and buy stocks with higher yields. Plus I needed to tap my portfolio for some cash to cover some July expenses. I HATE selling assets to raise cash to cover expenses, but sometimes it becomes necessary to do so.

First, I sold off all 300 shares of VFL at $13.25 per share, which was used to buy 300 shares of PNNT at $6.5445 per share and 65 shares of HQL at $15.8692 per share. My timing of the stock buys wasn’t too bad. My PNNT buy at $6.445 was well below its approximate 52-week average of $7.025, and my buy of HQL’s at $15.8692 was below its 52-week average of $17.315.

Later in the month, I sold 85 shares of DMF at 8.60 per share. Considering how its 52-week high is $8.61, my timing was very good.

Overall, this series of sells and buys worked out well. It gave my projected monthly dividend income an approximately $8 boost and I got some additional cash to help cover July expenses.

Image Credit: AhmadArdity (pixabay.com)


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