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Dec 08 2022

Dividend Income Report: November 2022

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your holiday shopping is going well. As for me, my Thanksgiving with my in-laws was smaller than usual with a couple families out with sick kids and another family now living in Alaska. In November, the market’s upward climb slowed (in comparison to October) and was still …

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Nov 20 2022

Dividend Income Report: October 2022

October is done! I hope your autumn is going well for you and Halloween came with more treats than tricks. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the past couple weeks have been dry and cold. But it’s expected to warm up a little and the rain will return. In October I took a little trip to …

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Oct 03 2022

Dividend Income Report: September 2022

I hope you had a good September (it was certainly a month to remember for those in Florida) and that summer wound down well for you. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the hot days of summer are gone and are now just “warm”. We had our first good rain in three months just last week, …

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Sep 08 2022

Dividend Income Report: August 2022

With August over, summer is rapidly winding down. Here in the Pacific Northwest the mornings are cooler, the sun is setting earlier, and the days are becoming merely “very warm” instead of “seriously hot.” I spotted a couple small golden leaves in my back yard last week, so autumn is right around the corner. Regarding …

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Aug 03 2022

Dividend Income Report: July 2022

I hope you had a good Independence Day last month. I spent the holiday with my in-laws and had a good time. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we were hit with a hit wave, experiencing 100°+ temperatures but fortunately it didn’t last very long. Regarding the stock market, it continued its volatility streak, but there …

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Jul 24 2022

Dividend Income Report: June 2022

Well, we’re well into summer and so far it’s looking good. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had only a few days that were real scorchers, but July has been mostly moderately hot (glad I don’t live in the southern states). As for the stock market, its wild volatility has subsided a bit, but I …

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Apr 16 2022

Dividend Income Report: March 2022

With February done, March is now here and spring is in the air. Here in the Pacific Northwest the weather has warmed a bit and other than a few sunny days it has largely been rainy and overcast for much of the past month. The stock market is proving to be quite a roller coaster, …

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Apr 01 2021

Dividend Income Report: March 2021

Spring is here! Despite some freezing mornings and dreary days here in the Pacific Northwest, spring is tentatively advancing and winter is receding. Regarding the stock market, it has shown some volatility (especially in the tech sector), but it has been steadily trending upward. So let’s do the numbers and see how March shaped up …

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Feb 11 2021

Dividend Income Report: January 2021

Well, 1/12th of the new year is already done and in the books. The market has certainly stayed quite bullish, continuing its upward trend unabated. Are we in a bubble? Maybe, as many stocks are clearly overvalued and a correction sometime this year is a certainty when the market is this overheated. A future correction’s …

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Jul 03 2020

Dividend Income Report: June 2020

And so ends the first half of 2020. Needless to say, the tumult of 2020 just keeps on rolling. In addition to the continued civil unrest across US cities and the number of COVID-19 cases rising in many states with relaxed quarantine rules, the stock market’s 50 or so days of recovery came to an …

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