You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report: November 2022

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your holiday shopping is going well. As for me, my Thanksgiving with my in-laws was smaller than usual with a couple families out with sick kids and another family now living in Alaska. In November, the market’s upward climb slowed (in comparison to October) and was still rather choppy. We’ll see how the market goes in December and into the new year.

It’s time to check on my monthly dividend income totals, so let’s do the numbers and see how November performed:

ARR $ 2.00
AWP $44.00*
BGY $33.80*
CIK $22.50
CLM $72.32*
DHY $27.13
EDF $15.00*
EHI $26.80*
EXG $82.95
NCV $29.75
OHI $117.25
PFN $32.31
ZTR $24.00*
TOTAL $529.81

* Includes Return of Capital

Well, $529.81 isn’t too bad (it’s still considered non-trivial passive income) but I’ve had better Novembers in the past.

Unfortunately, EXG cut its monthly dividend from 6.89 cents per share to 5.53 cents per share (a -19.7% cut). This cut reduces my monthly EXG payout from $103.35 to $82.95. Ouch! That’s going to hurt. 🙁

Again, because I needed the cash I sold off my final 50 shares of HQL for $14.50/share. Later, I sold off 100 shares of PNNT at $6.25/share.

Overall, November wasn’t exactly a great month. With a dividend cut and two stock sales, my dividend income’s downward trend continues its course.

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