You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report: September 2022

I hope you had a good September (it was certainly a month to remember for those in Florida) and that summer wound down well for you. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the hot days of summer are gone and are now just “warm”. We had our first good rain in three months just last week, so that was a pleasant change. As for the market, well there just doesn’t seem to be an end to the hemorrhaging is there? My portfolio’s value has dropped below its March 2020 low point. With all the talk of recession, I’m afraid that the market will probably get worse before it starts to recover.

As for September’s dividend income total, let’s do the numbers and see how it turned out…

ARR $ 2.00
AWP $ 44.00
BGY $ 33.80
CIK $ 22.50
CLM $ 72.32
DHY $ 27.13
EDF $ 15.00
EHI $ 26.80
EXG $103.35
HQL $ 62.00
NCV $ 29.75
PFN $ 32.31
USA $ 48.00
ZTR $ 24.00
TOTAL $542.96

* Includes Return of Capital

Well, $542.96 is nothing to rave about and is certainly non-trivial, but it’s the lowest monthly dividend total this year so far.

Unfortunately, HQL cut its dividend from $0.35/share to $0.31/share. Normally HQL’s dividend is somewhat erratic, but this year it is clearly downward trending. Q1’s payout was $0.41/share, Q2 $0.35/share, and Q3 $0.31/share. Given the obvious trend, it’s clear that Q4’s dividend will be lower. With a shrinking dividend, part of me is glad to be selling off HQL.

Speaking of which, I needed cash again, so I sold off more shares of HQL in September. First I sold 40 shares at $14.442/share, then later 50 shares at $14.40/share.

So in closing, September was another “meh” month that had no positive surprises.

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