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This is a quick yet different posting, as I’m combining a stock sale and buy report in the same posting which is something I’ve never done before.

First, I sold all 125 of my shares of OIA back in late March for $7.84 per share ($980.00 total). Considering how my initial cost basis was $874.88 when I first bought the stock on May 29 2013, I’d say this has been an investment that’s done well. I don’t precisely know what the total dividends it paid out over nearly 70 months, but I estimate OIA’s total dividends are approximately $300. Add to that the approximate $105 in capital gains in the stock sale, and that’s not a bad ROI. However, the one big downside to this sale is that it will reduce my average monthly projected dividend income by $4.10, so that will have a small impact. Why did I sell OIA off? I needed the money at the time.

Second, on May 13th, taking advantage of the market’s downturn I bought 50 more shares of PNNT at $6.54 per share. With a quarterly dividend of $0.18 per share, that’s an annual yield of 11.00% or an additional $9.00 per quarter (this will help mitigate the damage from selling off OIA). Not bad. Hopefully this buy will assure a $1K dividend month next quarter <fingers crossed>.

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