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Bye-bye September! It certainly was a busy month, with changes afoot for my career and my biggest vacation in 15 years. I can’t go into details about my work and career (that’s for a future post), but suffice it to say things have been put into motion that will be significant in the future (whether significantly good or significantly bad is to be determined). As for the vacation, I went to Kazakhstan (with a side trip to Kyrgystan) with my wife and father-in-law to visit family and friends. It was only a two-week trip, but it was packed (just like our checked luggage!). While I was gone, over $77.40 in dividends automatically rolled into my account. Now THAT is a small taste of a real paid vacation.

So how did September’s dividend income turn out? Let’s do the numbers and see…
BGY $ 38.00*
CHW $ 21.00*
CIK $ 22.50*
CLM $ 47.30
DHY $ 35.00
DMF $ 10.50
DSM $ 19.25
EAD $ 8.32
EDF $ 45.00*
EHI $ 24.40
EXG $114.00*
HQL $ 70.00
?? $ 1.40**
NCV $ 45.50
OIA $ 4.30
PFN $ 36.00
RA $ 69.85
VFL $ 15.00
ZTR $ 33.90
TOTAL $661.22

* Includes Return of Capital
** My employer’s stock, which shall remain anonymous.

Well, this month’s total dividend income was a disappointment. Thanks to AWP’s missing payout, September’s dividend totaled less than $700. 🙁 One of the things I love about dividend income is how payouts arrive like clockwork, but sometimes an expected dividend payout never happens or is late.

While AWP didn’t pay a dividend this month, the next payout is scheduled for early October instead of the usual end of the month. Perhaps future AWP payouts will be near the start of each month instead of at the end? Only time will reveal what will happen.

Other than AWP’s missing payout resulting in a lower total for the month, September was uneventful with no dividend cuts, stock splits, or market declines so overall September was a good, but lackluster month.

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  1. My Dividend Dynasty

    Great month DQ! Even if you didn’t break the $700 for the month, you still made a sizable chunk of cash. I’m sure the numbers will grow back quickly. The snowball always does! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Dividend Quest

      Yeah, not breaking $700 is a bit of a bummer, but hopefully AWP missed payout was a one-time thing and I’ll continue to receive AWP’s dividend payouts. It’s funny how making more dividend income changes one’s perspective. Three years ago, a $661.22 month would have thrilled me. Now it just elicits a “meh” at best.

  2. Passivecanadianincome

    wow nice quest! that is a solid income. cool to get paid like that while on vacation.

    Sucks about the payment change but just boosts next months totals! Im sure you will hit 700 again in no time.

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for the visit! The third month of each quarter (March, June, September, December) is my weakest performer for dividend income. For future stock buys, I want to buy more stocks that either pay monthly or pay on the third month of each quarter, thus boosting the third month’s dividend income firmly into the $700s and eventually into the $800s.

  3. Dividend Diplomats

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the timing difference Quest. The important thing is that the company is still paying that dividend in the next month.



  4. Dividend Quest

    Thanks for visiting DD! Yeah, I’m not going to worry about it much. As long as AWP keeps paying out every month and doesn’t cut its dividend, then I have very little to worry about.

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