Oct 06 2016

Dividend Income Report for September 2016

September is over and autumn is most definitely here. Trees are shedding their leaves, the mornings are cold and dark, and the sun sets just a little bit earlier every day. The next several months will just be cold, dreary, gray, and wet. That’s life in the Pacific Northwest for the better part of the year. And if that isn’t enough to excite me, then with the colder weather will come increased electric and gas bills to help make the coming months even more pleasant. <groan>

So, let’s do the numbers and see how my dividend income for September fared:

AWP $ 32.00
BGY $ 38.00*
CHW $ 21.00*
CIK $ 22.00*
CLM $ 54.19*
DHY $ 40.25
DMF $ 12.30
DSM $ 22.83
EAD $ 10.88
EDF $ 38.70*
EHI $ 38.50
EXG $121.95*
HHY $ 30.00
HTR $ 38.00
??? $ 1.20
NCV $ 45.50
OIA $ 4.30
PFN $ 36.00
VFL $ 16.50
TOTAL $624.10

Except for my employer’s paltry $1.20 quarterly payout, September’s dividend income came almost entirely from stocks with monthly payouts, so September was a pretty mediocre month. You can’t expect every month’s dividends to be a new high, can you?

The good news is that OIA increased its dividend 4.8% from 3.28 cents per share to 3.44 cents. With 125 shares, that means a 20 cents per month increase in dividend income! Wooooot!

The bad news is that VFL trimmed its dividend from 6.0 cents per share to 5.5 cents per share (an 8.3% cut). Fortunately, my exposure to VFL is small, so the impact of the dividend cut is modest (-$1.50 per month).

Overall, September was an unremarkable month. But that’s fine, after all it’s not like I had to trade my time for this month’s $624.10, right? 🙂

Image Credit: jarmoluk (pixabay.com)


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