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Another month is gone, and the end of October marks the beginning of the holiday season. I’ve only just started my holiday shopping by buying some books for friends and family, but I have a long ways to go, and I really need to plan my holiday gifting better than last year.

As expected, I received dividend payouts when the month ended. I love how dividend payouts roll in as predictably as the tides! Well, let’s do the numbers and see how much dividend payouts arrived in October:

AWP $ 3.50*
BGY $ 49.00*
CLM $ 70.29*
CIK $ 22.00*
DHY $ 42.00
DMF $ 15.75
DSM $ 22.83
EHI $ 35.61
EXG $121.95
HHY $ 37.50
HTR $ 38.00
NCV $ 45.50
OIA $ 4.10
PFN $ 36.00
RSO $ 64.00
VFL $ 19.50
TOTAL $627.53

* Includes Return of Capital.
** My employer’s stock, which shall remain anonymous.

This is the fourth month in a row of $600+ dividend income. Barring any dividend cuts, I don’t think I will be seeing any monthly dividend payouts in the 500’s range again. 🙂

While $627.53 isn’t enough to cover my minimum monthly mortage payment, it has reached 80% so my progress bar is steadily moving towards 100%. I look foward to when I am able to have the option to cover the mortgage payment with dividend income. With passive dividend income comes more options, and while I’ve said it before at least a dozen times, I’ll say it again because it’s so true: Options is what this game is all about. When you have a regular source of income that doesn’t come from exchanging your time, you automatically have more options in your life.

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  1. divorcedff


    Great dividend income for a such a slow month as October. great milestone of 4 months in a row $600+ dividend income.

    Keep the snowball rolling.

    Sharon – Divorcedff

  2. Dividend Quest

    Thanks for visiting Sharon. When I started dividend investing seven years ago, $600 per month was just a distant fantasy for me, but now it has become a monthly reality. Stay on the path you’re on, and you too will eventually make $600 every month from dividends. Keep up the good work!

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