You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report for August 2014

Another month is gone, and my dividend portfolio just keeps bringing in the monthly dividend payouts. While not as good as July, August was still a good month for me. I made one stock purchase (HQL), and my capital matching contribution ($425.00) was just a hair short of matching the previous month’s dividend income ($427.13).

Here are my August dividend payouts:
CFP    $ 77.30*
CIK    $ 23.50*
DHY    $ 42.00
DMF    $ 10.50
DSM    $ 26.13
EXG    $121.95*
HTR    $ 28.50
NCV    $ 63.00
OIA    $  4.25
PFN    $ 30.00
TOTAL   $427.13
* Includes Return of Capital.

Total August dividend income was the same as last month, which is good as I like having a steady and predictable dividend income stream. Stocks with erratic payout schedules and even more unpredictable dividends are to be avoided like the plague.

With the purchase of 100 shares of HQL in early August, my monthly average has increased from $485.83 to $500.83 (Yeah!!! My 2014 goal is achieved!) My average daily (24-hours) income is now $16.47/day, average hourly income is 68.6 cents per hour, and average minute income is 1.14 cents per minute.

Like the previous two months, I’m ending August with a decent cash reserve which will be boosted further by my regular matching cash contribution. So I’m ready for another stock purchase in September. I’ve reached my 2014 goal of an average monthly dividend income of $500 two months earlier than estimated, but I will continue with my cash matching experiment and make at least one stock purchase every month as I continue to grow my dividend income.

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