Oct 01 2014

Dividend Income Report for September 2014

Summer is over (nooooooooo!), the transition into autumn is underway, kids return to school, and a new television season starts. And with the end of September comes another round of monthly and quarterly dividend payouts. Yaaay! 🙂

So how did I do for September? Let’s do the numbers:

BGY $ 56.00*
CFP $ 77.30*
CIK $ 22.00*
DHY $ 42.00
DMF $ 10.50
DSM $ 26.13
EXG $121.95*
HQL $ 45.00
HTR $ 28.50
??? $ 8.25**
NCV $ 63.00
OIA $ 4.10
PFN $ 30.00
TOTAL $534.73
* Includes Return of Capital.
** My employer’s stock, which shall remain anonymous.

Unfortunately, a couple stocks trimmed their dividend payouts this month. CIK’s dividend dropped slightly from 2.35 cents per share to 2.20 cents. OIA cut its dividend a second time this year, dropping from 3.4 cents per share to 3.28 cents. Luckily, I don’t have much exposure to these stocks (CIK is weighted at 4.27% and OIA’s weight is 0.80%), so the impact has been negligible.

A semi-positive change is that BGY is changing payouts to monthly instead of quarterly, so now BGY will payout $56.00 every month instead of $167.85 every quarter. However, I don’t like the fact that BGY’s switch to monthly payouts this month instead of next month, so I’m short $111.85 for the quarter.

For Q3, total dividend income was $$1388.99, which is 0.19% lower than Q2 ($1391.65). Because of BGY’s switch to monthly payouts caused a $111.85 shortfall in September’s expected payout, the numbers don’t look so good for Q3 (but should look better for Q4 and beyond).

At the end of September, my projected average monthly income is $515.23, projected average daily (24-hours) income was $16.94/day, projected average hourly income is 70.6 cents, and average minute income is 1.18 cents.

And the dividend tree keeps growing, bearing fruit every month like clockwork. Aaaaaaah, life is good.

Image Credit: jarmoluk (pixabay.com)


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