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Spring is here! The grey gloom of the Pacific Northwest is lifting and the flora is blooming and the fauna is out and about. And of course it’s that time again, when dividend payouts roll into my brokerage account with the regularity of a Swiss watch. Ahhhhhhhhh. It’s mighty fine to have money coming in without having to trade time for it.

So let’s do the numbers and see what March brought:
BGY $ 49.00*
CFP $ 71.45*
CIK $ 22.00*
CTCM $ 42.00
DHY $ 42.00
DMF $ 10.50
DSM $ 22.83
EXG $121.95
HHY $ 11.25
HQL $ 50.00
HTR $ 28.50
??? $ 0.93**
NCV $ 63.00
OIA $ 4.10
PFN $ 36.00
VFL $ 19.50
TOTAL $595.01

* Includes Return of Capital.
** My employer’s stock, which shall remain anonymous.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but RSO cut it’s dividend from 20 cents per share to 16 cents. That’s going to hurt a bit when RSO’s payout comes in May. Fortunately, HQL increased its March dividend payout from 47 cents to 50 cents, so this will help blunt the damage from RSO’s dividend cut a little bit.

With the end of March comes the end of Q1, the first quarter of the year. The quarter’s total dividend income was $1714.88, which is 4.15% higher than the previous quarter ($1646.55). Not too bad, but it could be a little better. I aim to have an annual dividend income growth rate of at least 20%, and that’s only achievable if quarterly growth is 5% or more.

In March, I added 125 shares of FGB to my portfolio, plus bought an additional 140 shares of CTCM. With these changes, projected average monthly income is $561.57. Also, projected average daily (24-hours) income is $18.46/day, average hourly income is 76.9 cents, and average minute income is 1.28 cents.

Overall, March was a pretty good month for dividend income, with $600 being almost within reach.

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