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First, let me apologize to my regular visitors. This post is extremely late and there’s no excuse for not getting this out the door during the first week of June. Why so late? I simply didn’t feel like doing it. It’s that simple. With ever declining dividend income, my enthusiasm for posting about it has declined as well. Before my financial situation slowly took a turn for the worse, it was fun to report on my ever growing dividend income. But now, it has just become more depressing. Sure, I’ve gotten back into making stock buys (mainly ARR), but it hasn’t been enough to meaningfully slow the decline in dividend income.

That being said, let’s get to the point and do the numbers for May’s dividend income:

ARR $10.00
AWP $44.00
BGY $33.80
CIK $22.50
CLM $49.12
DHY $27.13
EDF $15.00
EHI $26.80
EXG $82.95
NCV $23.80
OHI $83.75
PFN $32.31
ZTR $24.00
TOTAL $475.16

* Includes Return of Capital

$475.16 isn’t too bad, but previous Mays have been better. Much better.

Unfortunately, NCV cut its monthly dividend 20% from 4.25 cents per share to 3.4 cents per share. That will hurt a little.

Because I needed the cash, I again cashed in some stocks. In May I sold 25 shares of OHI for $28.20 and later another 25 shares for $29.50

Taking advantage of the lower prices of ARR, I went on a small buying spree snapping up more of ARR at bargain prices and sweet yields. In May I got 12 shares of ARR at $5.00/share, then later 13 shares at $4.9842/share, then 12 shares at $4.744/share, and finally 13 shares at $4.56/share. “Locking in” yields of 19.2%, 19.26%, 20.23%, and 21.05% respectively.

In all, May wasn’t too bad (dividend cut aside) for me, despite being the middle month of the quarter.

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