You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report: June 2023

June was a strange month. After a hot first week, the middle of the month turned quite cool feeling more like early spring than early summer with cold nights and a few days that were cool enough to warrant wearing a jacket. Weird. Regarding the stock market, the market seems to have recovered from the gov’t debt ceiling worries and has moved on.

Hos did I do in June? Let’s do the numbers and find out!

ARR $12.00
AWP $44.00
BGY $33.80*
CIK $22.50
CLM $49.12*
DHY $27.13
EDF $15.00*
EHI $26.80*
EXG $82.95*
NCV $23.80
PFN $32.31
USA $45.00
ZTR $24.00*
TOTAL $438.41

* Includes Return of Capital

Eh, $438.41 isn’t bad but past Junes have been better.

Again, becuase I needed the money, I sold off 25 shares of OHI at $31.20/share.

On the positive side, no dividend cuts occurred in June. Because of my little spending spree on ARR last month, I didn’t buy any more shares of ARR in June.

Overall, June was a “meh” month for my dividend income investments.

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