You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report for June 2014

Another month and quarter are in the books. I can’t believe that 2014 is half over. Wow! Time flies and yet it crawls when it comes to dividend payouts (they just can’t come quick enough!). I eagerly look forward to the end of the month when many of my dividend stock holdings pay out. It feels soooooooo good having money come in without having to trade my time.

Well, how did I do for June? Not bad. I didn’t make any new stock purchases in June, but Q2 ($1391.65) ends 4.36% higher than Q1 ($1333.68), so the upward trend continues.

Here’s what paid out for June:
BGY    $167.85*
CFP    $ 77.30*
CIK    $ 23.50*
DHY    $ 42.00
DMF    $ 10.50
DSM    $ 26.13
EXG    $121.95*
HTR    $ 28.50
??    $  8.25**
NCV    $ 63.00
OIA    $  4.25
PFN    $ 20.00
TOTAL   $593.23  (so close to $600 one can taste it!)

* Includes Return of Capital.
** My employer’s stock, which shall remain anonymous.

My monthly average has dropped very slightly from $475.95 to $475.83 due to a small cut in OIA’s dividend (from 3.5 cents to 3.4 cents). My average daily (24-hours) income is now $15.64/day, average hourly income is 65.2 cents, and average minute income is 1.09 cents.

Because I didn’t make any stock buys in June, I’m ending the month with a small pile of cash, ready for my next stock purchase. In addition to my account’s cash reserve, next month I will make my regular capital contribution (it may not match June’s payout dollar amount, but it will be larger than normal). Also, some of my employer’s stock grants will be vesting in mid-July, so I will sell those off and get another cash infusion for future stock buys. I expect July to be a good month. 🙂

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