You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report: January 2022

Well, January is over and while the weather here in the Pacific Northwest is still gripped by winter, the days are steadily getting longer and this month has seen some slight warming. Spring is just around the corner! The stock market’s roller coaster ride that began in January showed no sign of stabilizing even into mid-February. It’s been a heck of a ride, but for those with the cash, it’s been an excellent time for buying opportunities to nail down some great dividend yields.

So how did January treat my dividend income for the month? Let’s do the numbers and see how it added up.

AWP $ 44.00
AWP $ 44.00
BGY $ 33.80
CIK $ 22.50*
CLM $ 45.20*
CODI$ 32.50
DHY $ 27.13
EDF $ 15.00*
EXG $103.35*
NCV $ 29.75
PFN $ 32.31
USA $ 63.00
ZTR $ 24.00
TOTAL $636.54

* Includes Return of Capital

$636.54 is good, but nothing to brag about as I’ve done better in previous years (especially 2016-2021). But I’ll take it.

January could have better, as EHI didn’t pay out. Also, CODI slashed its quarterly dividend from $0.36/share to $0.25/share (a -30.5% cut!). That’s too bad, as I’ve regarded CODI one of my better performers as it didn’t cut its dividend in the face of the market’s crash in the spring of 2020.

On a happy note, AWP paid out twice in January and USA paid out too (which it should have done in December). These extra payouts served to give the month’s dividend payout total a needed boost. Also CLM raised its dividend from $0.1602/share to $0.1808/share (a 12.86% increase!), which helps to mitigate the CODI dividend cut.

Again, I sold more CODI stock in January because I needed the cash. Early in the month I sold 20 shares at $28.85/share, and later 30 more shares at $25.05/share.

Overall, January was a relatively good month, bumped up by delayed payouts which made the month better than it should have been.

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