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The passing of October means we’re well into autumn and the holiday season is now ramping up. Regarding the economy, I suspect inflation and supply chain issues will be on many holiday shoppers’ minds this year, as they will find that things will be more scarce and/or more expensive. For some, the financial picture will be especially concerning, as many have lost their jobs resulting from their opposition to local, state, and federal vaccine mandates.

So how well did I do in October? Let’s do the numbers and see…

AWP $ 44.00
BGY $ 33.80*
CIK $ 22.50*
CLM $ 40.05*
CODI $ 82.80
DHY $ 27.13*
EDF $ 17.50*
EHI $ 26.80
EXG $103.35*
NCV $ 29.75
PFN $ 32.31 DIV CUT
PNNT $120.00
ZTR $ 24.00*
TOTAL $603.99

* Includes Return of Capital

$603.99 isn’t bad, putting October’s dividend total very close to my projected average monthly dividend income.

After a long dry spell (since June), a dividend cut finally struck. PFN trimmed its monthly dividend from 8 cents per share to 7.18 cents, a 10.25% reduction. A minor cut to be sure, but one that will be felt.

Needing cash again, I sold off 10 shares of CODI at $29.79 per share.

In short, October was an okay month at best.

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