Aug 06 2014

Dividend Income Report for July 2014

july_monthly_report_600x200As surely as night follows day, so too does another month for me end with dividend income rolling in like clockwork.

How was July? Pretty good. I made only one stock purchase early in the month (PFN), and my capital matching contribution ($555.00) almost matched the previous month’s dividend income ($593.83). I was granted 29 shares of my employer’s stock which I promptly sold, so that was a welcome boost to my cash reserve.

Here are July’s dividend payouts:
CFP    $ 77.30*
CIK    $ 23.50*
DHY    $ 42.00
DMF    $ 10.50
DSM    $ 26.13
EXG    $121.95*
HTR    $ 28.50
NCV    $ 63.00
OIA    $  4.25
PFN    $ 30.00
TOTAL   $427.13
* Includes Return of Capital.

My monthly average has increased from $475.83 to $485.83 due to the purchase of an additional 125 shares of PFN in early July. My average daily (24-hours) income is now $15.97/day, average hourly income is 66.6 cents, and average minute income is 1.11 cents.

Like June, I’m ending the month with a decent cash reserve, so I’m locked and loaded for another stock purchase. My next capital contribution will also further boost my cash reserve. Overall, I am well poised to make another dividend stock purchase next month, which may be the final push to reaching my 2014 goal of average monthly dividend income of $500. If that happens, then my summer will certainly end on a high note.

Image Credit: jarmoluk (pixabay.com)