You are currently viewing Dividend Income Report for July 2015

Well, summer is two-thirds over. I hope you’ve been having a good summer so far and have taken advantage of the great, if hot, weather. The only thing better than savoring some fine wine while floating in the pool (my imaginary summer leisure activity) is having another month’s dividend payouts roll in exactly as expected. Now that I’ve reached the $600 per month milestone, I’m pushing for the next big milestone: $625 per month, which should be attainable.

With July in the rear-view mirror, let’s do the numbers:

BGY    $ 49.00*
CLM    $ 70.29*
CIK    $ 22.00*
DHY    $ 42.00
DMF    $ 10.50
DSM    $ 22.83
EXG    $121.95
HHY    $ 37.50
HTR    $ 38.00
NCV    $ 63.00
OIA    $  4.10
PFN    $ 36.00
RSO    $ 64.00
VFL    $ 19.50
TOTAL   $600.67

* Includes Return of Capital.
** My employer’s stock, which shall remain anonymous.

July’s dividend payouts broke $600 again. Hmmmmm…this is starting to become a regular occurrence now. 😀

My employer’s stock did a 2:1 split, so the number of shares I owned doubled, but the stock price and quarterly dividend were halved. At the time of the split, I became vested in my final stock grant which I sold off just a few days later. This stock sale made for a nice boost in available capital, some of which will go towards my savings account to offset the damage from vacation expenses.

My employer recently ended stock grants and stock options for my pay grade, but that’s not an entirely bad thing, as I got a modest pay raise that takes effect this month. Thanks to this nice little boost, I won’t be as worried about the sustainability of my dividend matching program (for now anyway).

Due to CLP’s merger with CLM, my monthly payout got slightly clipped, from $71.45 to $70.29 (a $1.16 hit or 1.62% cut). A small impact for sure, but it’s still nothing to be happy about.

I didn’t make any stock buys in July and I only put in $300 of matching funds, so July was an unusually subdued month. On the bright side, I am well positioned for my next buy, which should enable a good leap forward in my projected average monthly dividend income. Cracking $625 in projected monthly dividend income is almost within reach.

Overall, July was a good month, and I’m looking forward to August’s dividend payouts. Keep cool and enjoy the summer!


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