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Wow, one twelfth of the year is already gone. If you have any New Years resolutions, you better get cracking! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we had a particularly cold week in January but now things are warming up a bit and it has just become rainy and dreary. As for the stock market, January saw tepid growth but the noise about an impending recession is growing louder. Also, despite the layoffs sweeping the tech sector, the jobs numbers didn’t look too bad.

Well, let’s do the numbers for January and see how the month’s dividend income shaped up:

ARR $3.00
AWP $44.00
AWP $44.00
BGY $33.80*
CIK $22.50
CLM $49.12*
DHY $27.13
EDF $15.00*
EXG $82.95*
NCV $29.75
PFN $32.31
PNNT $115.50
USA $45.00
ZTR $24.00*
TOTAL $568.06

* Includes Return of Capital

$568.06 is not too bad. Not bad at all. Being over $500, it certainly qualifies as “non-trivial” dividend income in my book, so that’s good.

Because EHI made an extra payout in December, EHI’s January payout didn’t happen so that negatively impacted January’s dividend total. As expected, the deferred payouts from AWP and USA arrived in January, so that certainly gave the month a modest boost.

The only dividend cut so far this year is the expected one from CLM, which cut its monthly dividend from $0.1808/share ($72.32/mo.) to $0.1228/share ($49.12/mo.). Being a -32% cut, that is certainly going to take a noticeable bite out of future dividend totals.

Fortunately for me ex-div date for PNNT had 700 shares so the January payout was good.

Because I needed cash again, I sold off 150 shares (at $5.81/share) of PNNT and later 125 PNNT (at $5.8968/share) shares in January.

On the upside, I bought more shares of ARR (10 shares at $5.75/share and later 10 shares at $6.00/share), increasing my monthly dividend income by $2.00.

Overall, January’s dividend total turned out to be a bit better than expected, so it was a decent month. Future months however, probably won’t be as good.

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