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Well, it’s that time again, and another month is now forever history. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is becoming decidedly less summery and is taking on a more autumn-like character. We didn’t do much summer travel, but last week we spent three nights in a state park cabin here in Washington. Overall, it was a good month. But let’s do the numbers and see how the dividend income fared for August:

AWP $ 50.00
BGY $ 38.00*
CHW $ 21.00*
CIK $ 22.50*
CLM $ 47.30*
DHY $ 35.00
DMF $ 10.50
DSM $ 19.25
EAD $ 8.32
EDF $ 45.00*
EHI $ 24.40
EXG $114.00*
FGB $148.75
NCV $ 45.50
OHI $148.50
OIA $ 4.30
PFN $ 36.00
RA $ 69.85
VFL $ 15.00
ZTR $ 33.90
TOTAL $937.07 est.

* Includes Return of Capital

Yeah! Another $900+ month in the bag! Two out every three months, I now regularly pull down more than $900. That’s pretty good and I hope it only gets better.

The only trade of note, I sold off my remaining employer’s stocks, so my projected monthly dividend income did take a slight hit (-$0.42).

No changes to dividend payouts (no cuts or increases) this month, so that’s good. Other than the employer stock selloff, August was pretty status quo. I’m happy with that.

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  1. My Dividend Dynasty

    Congrats DQ on another $900-plus month! Here on the Northeastern side of the continent we are still experiencing 90 degree weather, lol. But the snowball does not melt, it grows larger. 🙂 Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for visiting MDD! You are so right about the dividend income snowball! (although my snowball’s growth has slowed in recent months)

  2. Doug

    Good job. Over 900 is awesome month keep it up.

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for the kind words Doug. Yep, having a $900+ month is pretty good. I look forward to when each month regularly hits $1000+. That will be quite a milestone.

  3. Mr. Robot

    Dang almost 1k$ is nothing shy of amazing. Great report, I’ll be checking out your blog from now on!

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for the visit Mr. Robot! Yep, August was a good month for me. It’s not enough to live on (at least here in the US, but it would go far in other countries), but it’s certainly non-trivial by US standards. I hope next year $1K months will become more frequent.

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