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Dec 02 2016

Dividend Income Report for November 2016

Goodbye November! Here in the Pacific Northwest, November has been a soggy, dreary month as not a week went by without at least one heavy rain. The few sunny days we got always seemed to land on weekdays and not weekends. Grrrrrr! On the bright side, Thanksgiving with the in-laws was pleasant and we made …

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Nov 02 2016

Dividend Income Report for October 2016

Well, October is over and the end of the Halloween season marks the beginning of November and the run up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Many trees in my area still cling to their leaves (perhaps trees are afraid of being naked?) so autumn is still running its course. But winter is coming… The …

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Oct 06 2016

Dividend Income Report for September 2016

September is over and autumn is most definitely here. Trees are shedding their leaves, the mornings are cold and dark, and the sun sets just a little bit earlier every day. The next several months will just be cold, dreary, gray, and wet. That’s life in the Pacific Northwest for the better part of the …

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Sep 02 2016

Dividend Income Report for August 2016

August is over, summer is pretty much over, and we’re sliding into autumn. I don’t just like summer because of the sunshine and better weather (here in the Pacific Northwest, summer is especially savored), but I also like it because my monthly utility expenses are at their lowest so I have some extra capital to …

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Aug 06 2016

Dividend Income Report for July 2016

The end of July means that two-thirds of the summer is already gone. Other than having our roof replaced and minor car problem, July was a fairly unremarkable month. July was certainly quite kind to the stock market, with the Dow rising approximately 2.5%. My total worth of my dividend investing portfolio did well in …

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Jul 03 2016

Dividend Income Report for June 2016

June is now over, so a third of summer is effectively gone and the first half of 2016 is now over. The past month was fairly quiet, so there’s not much to really say. But there is one item of note: The end of June marks my 16th anniversary at my current employer. Let that …

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Jun 01 2016

Dividend Income Report for May 2016

And thus ends May 2016. Overall, it was a good month. My 48-hour Las Vegas trip with Mrs. Dividend Quest cost less than I had estimated (the $64 I won playing the slot machines helped a little), celebrated three birthdays (my wife and her 2 kin), and the weather was good at the beginning and …

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May 01 2016

Dividend Income Report for April 2016

Spring is here! Spring and autumn are my favorites seasons, as the temperatures and general weather conditions are milder. Working outside is much more pleasant and the longer daylight hours means some outdoor work can get done on weekdays when I get home from the day job. Enough about weather and other trivialities. You’re here …

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Apr 03 2016

Dividend Income Report for March 2016

March is gone and with it the cold, dreary grayshine of Pacific Northwest weather. The flora is starting to bloom and sunny days are becoming more frequent as winter transitions to spring. Mrs. Dividend Quest and I have already gotten into the groove by doing some simple yard-work and garage reorganization and cleaning. Yes, spring …

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Mar 05 2016

Dividend Income Report for February 2016

And so ends February. Here in the great Pacific Northwest, February saw a modest warming and some trees and foliage have started to bloom already. But this February “false spring” will certainly followed by a cold and rainy March. Of course March also means tax season is in full swing, so I need to get …

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