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Feb 02 2017

Dividend Income Report for January 2017

January is over, and I am so glad to see it gone. Having lived here in the Portland metro area for 18 years, I’ve noticed that we get a good snowing every four years or so. So, as expected, the weather got pretty ugly during the middle of the month with an abundance of snow …

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Feb 01 2017

My Latest Buy: WDR

Thanks to my selling off of DHT, I had sufficient cash to add another stock to my portfolio. I’ve had my eye on Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. (NYSE:WDR) for some time, and when an unexpected drop in WDR’s stock price happened last week, it was an opportune time to buy up some WDR. I …

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Feb 01 2017

My Latest Sale: DHT

I don’t sell off dividend stocks very often, mainly because a dividend paying stock is an asset that should be kept for the long haul and shouldn’t be sold for just capital gains. As a dividend investor, it sometimes becomes necessary to dump a stock when its dividend yield falls so low that there’s little …

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Jan 19 2017

2016 In Review

Well, the year is over. I can’t believe 2016 is gone. Although it was a  great year in many ways, it was also an unpleasant election year and the world lost many notable entertainers and figures. On the bright side, how was 2016 in my quest for dividend income? Overall, it was a pretty good …

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Dec 31 2016

Dividend Income Report for December 2016

December is done, and with it 2016. Here in the Pacific Northwest, our “White Christmas” arrived early, as a cold front and snow storm came through here in the middle of the month and several days later there was barely any trace of snow in the city. While the weather can be rather unpredictable, dividend …

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Dec 31 2016

My Latest Buys: PNNT, CODI, AWP, EDF

What’s nice about about going nearly two months without buying any stock is that the cash reserve gets to build up from incoming dividend payouts and fresh capital from my matching program. With a pile of cash ready for deployment, I was ready to buy more stocks before the month’s end, so I made one …

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Dec 02 2016

Dividend Income Report for November 2016

Goodbye November! Here in the Pacific Northwest, November has been a soggy, dreary month as not a week went by without at least one heavy rain. The few sunny days we got always seemed to land on weekdays and not weekends. Grrrrrr! On the bright side, Thanksgiving with the in-laws was pleasant and we made …

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Nov 02 2016

Dividend Income Report for October 2016

Well, October is over and the end of the Halloween season marks the beginning of November and the run up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Many trees in my area still cling to their leaves (perhaps trees are afraid of being naked?) so autumn is still running its course. But winter is coming… The …

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Oct 21 2016

My Latest Buy: AWP

Again, this will be a short post as there’s not too much to say without repeating myself. Yes, more AWP!! October marks three straight months of AWP buys. No, I’m not going nuts loading up on AWP. Well, okay I am loading up on AWP but only enough to bring its weight up to 5-6% …

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Oct 06 2016

Dividend Income Report for September 2016

September is over and autumn is most definitely here. Trees are shedding their leaves, the mornings are cold and dark, and the sun sets just a little bit earlier every day. The next several months will just be cold, dreary, gray, and wet. That’s life in the Pacific Northwest for the better part of the …

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