Jan 02 2021

Dividend Income Report: December 2020

December, as well as the year, is over! It’s rare that I’m glad to see the previous year over and done, but 2020 is certainly a year that has been challenging to us all. My wife and I are still recovering from our COVID encounter last month. We tire more easily and I still don’t …

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Dec 09 2020

Dividend Income Report: November 2020

I hope you and yours had a good November and a great Thanksgiving. As for me, November was NOT a good month. Some time during the first week me and my wife caught the COVID-19 virus. Ugh! As flus go, I’ve had worse but it was still not a good experience. At its worst, frequent …

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Nov 11 2020

Dividend Income Report: October 2020

Well, I hope you had a good October and Halloween wasn’t too scary. What scared me was the market’s rapid decline in the final days of the month. My portfolio’s value dropped over 7%, so my Halloween had an extra dose of fear. But the elections, while not all completely resolved, have dissipated the air …

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Oct 02 2020

Dividend Income Report: September 2020

Bye-bye September 2020! Well, another month is gone. Summer is over and autumn is revving up, with colder mornings and tree foliage changing color. While I like summers, the hot days and nights of August become tiresome and make me look forward to the early weeks of autumn. September saw the US stock market’s growth …

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Sep 05 2020

Dividend Income Report: August 2020

And so goes August into the past. The stock market was quite bullish for most of the month, being pushed higher by the tech sector and a somewhat more optimistic view of the near future. As for the ongoing pandemic, the number of US COVID-19 cases is growing, but the fatality rate has been fairly …

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Aug 03 2020

Dividend Income Report: July 2020

So long July 2020, it’s been an interesting month. As you know, July saw continued civil unrest but at less intensity than seen in early June, COVID-19 fatalities crossed the 150K mark while vacine research seems to be making solid progress, and the economy is slowly but steadily recovering as more businesses are opening up …

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Jul 03 2020

Dividend Income Report: June 2020

And so ends the first half of 2020. Needless to say, the tumult of 2020 just keeps on rolling. In addition to the continued civil unrest across US cities and the number of COVID-19 cases rising in many states with relaxed quarantine rules, the stock market’s 50 or so days of recovery came to an …

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Jun 08 2020

Dividend Income Report: May 2020

So ends May. On a personal level, May was okay with nothing really major worth noting. With one solid week of warm weather, I was able to get some stuff done outdoors. Unfortunately, the month ended on a bitter note with civil unrest sweeping the nation. Being an election year, I’m sure the politics of …

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May 08 2020

Dividend Income Report: April 2020

Well, April is over and done. Spring is finally here as the rain is becoming less frequent and the sunny days are becoming more frequent. The country is still in lockdown, virus fatalities have risen exponentially from 4,054 on April 1 to 62,175 on April 30 and will only get worse. The nation’s economy is …

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May 08 2020

Dividend Income Report: March 2020

What a month. The COVID-19 virus and the impact it’s making upon the world made March a notable month. We saw the sharpest one month decline in the market’s history as the US economy ground to a halt in response to the virus. Businesses are closing or severely curtailing their hours, unemployment has spiked as …

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