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Nov 18 2015

My Latest Buy: CHW

My newest stock buy is Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund (NASDAQ: CHW), a closed-end fund that’s widely invested in individual companies, convertibles, and corporate bonds. At $7.74 per share, I bought 150 shares. With a monthly payout of 7 cents per share, I will receive $10.50 per month from CHW, which raises my projected monthly …

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Oct 25 2015

My Latest Buys: RSO, AWP

With September’s projected average monthly dividend income barely advancing due to NCV’s dividend cut and then compensating for it by buying more EHI, I needed to boost my dividend income a bit if dividend income were to continue to grow. I bought 50 more shares of RSO (at $12.40/share) for the following three reasons: 1. …

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Sep 30 2015

My Latest Buy: EHI

Not too much to say about my latest buy. I bought an additional 170 shares of Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc (EHI), bringing it up to 370 shares total. With this new buy, EHI now has an average yield of 12%, which is pretty sweet. However, the total weight of EHI’s dividend payouts …

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Aug 15 2015

My Latest Buys: DMF, EHI

Last month I didn’t make any stock buys (gasp!), so I just let my investing capital reserve build up by letting the cash from my dividend payouts add up, cashed out my employer’s final stock grant, and transferred $300 as part of my matching program in early July and again in early August. After letting …

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Jun 07 2015

My Latest Buy: HTR

Ahhhhh, another dividend stock buy. Receiving dividend payouts is the best part of dividend investing, but the next best thing is buying more stocks to increase future dividend payouts (it’s as if I’m buying myself a pay raise!). So with money fron May’s dividend payouts and my matching contributions, I bought 50 additional shares of …

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Jun 02 2015

My Latest Buys: FGB, HHY

This is going to be a very short post. On May 5th (Yes, I know this posting is rather late. Sorry about that.) I bought 100 shares of FGB at $7.24 per share, and 100 shares of HHY at $8.88 per share. These two buys will raise my projected averaged monthly dividend income from $583.47 …

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Apr 30 2015

My Latest Buys: CTCM, FGB, HHY

I sold off the last of my employer’s stock options last week, so I had a small windfall of cash to invest with. Using my spreadsheet to determine the optimal stocks and number of shares to buy, I had my next buys already planned out. When I first bought CTC Media stock I had some …

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Mar 10 2015

My Latest Buys: CTCM, FGB

Within the first week of March I made not just one, but two stock buys. I’ve noticed that it was rare for me to make more than one stock buy in a month, but now it seems to be happening with increasing frequency. More frequent buys seems to indicate that my dividend income is picking …

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Mar 03 2015

My Latest Buys: RSO, HHY

February is the month of love, so I showed some love to my dividend income portfolio and grew it with my second and third buys of the year. I noticed that RSO was in the ballpark of its 52-week low of $4.65 per share, so it was clearly a bargain or at least a semi-bargain. …

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Jan 18 2015

My Latest Buy: CTCM

My first buy of the year!! I have had my eye on this stock for the past several months, ever since I used Google Finance’s stock screener to hunt for stocks to add to my watch list. A 25 year old company, CTC Media is the fourth largest television network in Russia, plus it owns …

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