Dec 05 2018

Dividend Income Report: November 2018

Well, November is done and the holiday season is in full swing as we count down to Christmas. I hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving last month and your dividend portfolio was kind to you despite the volatility that’s been roiling the market for the past couple months. As how the volatility has impacted me, …

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Nov 05 2018

Dividend Income Report: October 2018

Wow! October was quite the wild ride, wasn’t it? The bear market came out of hibernation and certainly mauled a lot of investors’ portfolios. While many dividend investors are feeling pain looking at their portfolios’ value drop, I’m sure they’re also happy about the good buying opportunities now appearing. That’s the paradox of being a …

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Oct 26 2018

My Latest Stock Buys: NRZ,USA

Yeah! The bear is back and many of Wall Street’s overpriced stocks are on sale! However, my dividend investing portfolio has dropped nearly $10k in value in just three weeks, but I think I can live with that. Taking advantages of October’s rollercoaster ride of volatility, I made two stock buys this month. The first …

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Oct 06 2018

My Latest Stock Buys: AWP, USA

In early October, thanks to limit orders placed in September and the market drop in early October, I made two stock buys. First, I bought 100 more shares of Aberdeen Global Premier Properties Fund (NYSE:AWP) at $6.00 per share. With a monthly dividend of 5 cents per share, this will add $5.00 every month to …

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Sep 30 2018

Dividend Income Report: September 2018

Bye-bye September! It certainly was a busy month, with changes afoot for my career and my biggest vacation in 15 years. I can’t go into details about my work and career (that’s for a future post), but suffice it to say things have been put into motion that will be significant in the future (whether …

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Sep 30 2018

My Latest Stock Buy: NRZ

On September 7th, I bought 70 additional shares of New Residential Investment Corp (NYSE:NRZ) at $18.4552 per share. With its quarterly dividend of 50 cents per share, this newest buy has a dividend yield of 10.84% and will pay $35.00 every quarter. Nice! Since my last NRZ buy in April, analyst opinion of NRZ is …

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Sep 01 2018

Dividend Income Report: August 2018

Well, it’s that time again, and another month is now forever history. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is becoming decidedly less summery and is taking on a more autumn-like character. We didn’t do much summer travel, but last week we spent three nights in a state park cabin here in Washington. Overall, it …

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Aug 03 2018

Dividend Income Report: July 2018

What?? July is over already? Wow, the summer is just whizzing by. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re just coming out of a heat wave that was not much fun. Our house doesn’t have central AC installed, so we get by on just fans and a portable AC unit. It would be nice to have …

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Jul 05 2018

Dividend Income Report: June 2018

So ends June and the first half of 2018. How was your June? Mine was good. Being the end of the school year, we attended three graduation ceremonies for friends and family. Other than that, there’s really not much of note that happened in June. Other than a day trip with the in-laws to Astoria …

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Jun 05 2018

Dividend Income Report: May 2018

May is now over and after the past couple weeks being cool and overcast here in the Pacific Northwest, summer seems to be picking up steam as we begin June. Yeah! But being a homeowner, that means more outdoor work and maintenance for me. Yay. 😐 Other than that, May was a pretty uneventful month, …

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