Sep 25 2016

One hour. One dollar.

With August’s stock buy of AWP lifting my projected average monthly dividend income to $732.78, I reached a very anticipated goal: A projected average monthly dividend income of $730 per month. Which means 24 dollars every 24 hours. Or, more simply: $1.00 per hour. Every hour of every day. This is a major milestone that …

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Sep 02 2016

Dividend Income Report for August 2016

August is over, summer is pretty much over, and we’re sliding into autumn. I don’t just like summer because of the sunshine and better weather (here in the Pacific Northwest, summer is especially savored), but I also like it because my monthly utility expenses are at their lowest so I have some extra capital to …

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Aug 21 2016

My Latest Buy: AWP

This month I bought 280 shares of Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (NYSE:AWP) at $5.70 per share, for a total of 350 shares. This isn’t a new addition to my portfolio, as I bought 70 shares last October. With an annual dividend yield of 10.53%, it was a good choice for making up for last …

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Aug 06 2016

Dividend Income Report for July 2016

The end of July means that two-thirds of the summer is already gone. Other than having our roof replaced and minor car problem, July was a fairly unremarkable month. July was certainly quite kind to the stock market, with the Dow rising approximately 2.5%. My total worth of my dividend investing portfolio did well in …

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Aug 06 2016

My Latest Buys: DHT, EDF

Time for another monthly stock buy report. For my first stock buy in July, I didn’t go for an ETF (my usual modus operandi) and instead bought shares of a single company: DHT Holdings Inc (NYSE:DHT). I bought 120 shares at $4.936 per share. With a quarterly divided of 25 cents per share, it has …

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Jul 03 2016

Dividend Income Report for June 2016

June is now over, so a third of summer is effectively gone and the first half of 2016 is now over. The past month was fairly quiet, so there’s not much to really say. But there is one item of note: The end of June marks my 16th anniversary at my current employer. Let that …

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Jun 29 2016

My Latest Buy: EAD

Another month, another stock buy! For June, I made only one stock buy: Wells Fargo Advantage Income Opportunities Fund (NYSEMKT:EAD). I bought 160 shares at $8.01 per share. With a dividend of 6.8 cents per share, those 160 shares will payout $10.88 every month for an annual yield of 10.19%. As per my usual format …

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Jun 01 2016

Dividend Income Report for May 2016

And thus ends May 2016. Overall, it was a good month. My 48-hour Las Vegas trip with Mrs. Dividend Quest cost less than I had estimated (the $64 I won playing the slot machines helped a little), celebrated three birthdays (my wife and her 2 kin), and the weather was good at the beginning and …

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May 31 2016

My Latest Buys: EDF, CODI

This month I didn’t add any new positions to my dividend investing portfolio. Instead, I just bought more shares of stock positions I already hold. I bought 75 more shares of Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund (NYSE:EDF) at $13.36 per share. With a dividend of 18 cents per share, that will add $13.50 every …

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May 01 2016

Dividend Income Report for April 2016

Spring is here! Spring and autumn are my favorites seasons, as the temperatures and general weather conditions are milder. Working outside is much more pleasant and the longer daylight hours means some outdoor work can get done on weekdays when I get home from the day job. Enough about weather and other trivialities. You’re here …

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