Here are some blogs that I like to read which you may find interesting as well.

Dividend Investing
$25,000 Dividends
A Frugal Family’s Journey
Dividend Appreciation
Dividend Diplomats
Dividend Driven (is your blog on the Leaderboard?)
Dividend Growth Center
Dividend Hawk
Dividend Ninja
FI Fighter
Finance Footing
From cents to retirement
Hedge Funds Blog
I Want to Retire Soon
Millennial Dividends
My Dividend Dynasty
My Dividend Pipeline
Passive Canadian Income
Passive Income Dude
The Dividend Life
The Passive Income Earner
Passive Income Pursuit

Personal Finance/Investing
Family Faith Finance
Financial Samurai
Freedom Searcher
Get Rich Slowly
I Will Teach You to be Rich
My Stock Market Basics
Rockstar Finance
Savvy Dollar
The Simple Dollar
Value Stock Guide

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  1. Dan

    Hey Dividend Quest,

    I would love the opportunity for you to call my blog interesting! How do I make your list? I’d be sure to return the favor and you to mine. Thanks!!

    Passive Income Dude

    1. Dividend Quest

      Asking usually works. 🙂
      Your site is now added to my Blogroll list.
      Thanks for adding Dividend Quest to your blogroll page!

  2. Cameron

    Hey great blog and awesome progress! I can’t wait to grow my monthly dividend income to your levels!

    I just started my blog to track my progress as well!
    Was hoping you could add it to your blogroll!

    Thanks and best of luck!

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for visiting Cameron! Passive income from dividends is awesome isn’t it? Every time a dividend payout arrives in my account, no matter how small, it feels a little like Christmas morning. Keep that snowball growing!

  3. passivecanadianincome

    hey John

    Your dividend income is fantastic and I will be adding you to my blogroll. It would be great if you could add mine to yours. Keep it up.
    First time here but ill be back!

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for adding Dividend Quest to your site’s blogroll! I just added your site to the above blogs list.

  4. Shailesh Kumar

    Hi John,

    Keep up the good work! I have added you to my dividend blogroll. at it would be awesome if you can add me to your blogroll as well. We are primarily value investors and dividends are a large part of our value calculus.


    1. Dividend Quest

      Will do! Thanks for including Dividend Quest in your list of dividend investing sites. I’m sure this site and yours will benefit from swapping site links.

  5. Nermeen

    Wow, that a pretty good return for what the amount you have invested. I will have to look into your holdings in more detail. Hi i have a fairly new blog ( I started to help people with personal finance topics. Was hoping you could add it to your blogroll.

    Appreciate the consideration, and good luck with reaching your monthly dividend goals!

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks for visiting my site Nermeen. I added your site to this Blogroll page, so now you’re in good company.

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