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How’s your April going? I hope the spring market rally has been treating your portfolio well. For April’s stock buys, I didn’t add any new positions to my portfolio. I just bought additional shares of positions already part of my dividend investing portfolio. With no new positions, this will be a rather short post, as there’s really not that much to say about my buys this month.

First, I bought an additional 50 shares of Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE:CODI) at $15.77 per share, which raises my total shares of CODI to 200. My average yield for CODI slipped a little from approximately 9.6% to 9.47%. For more about why I initially bought into CODI, see my January post where I go over CODI’s pros and cons.

Second, I went deeper into PennantPark Investment Corp. (NASDAQ:PNNT), a high risk high yield stock. I bought 75 shares in March, and I bought another 75 shares at $6.56 per share in April for a total of 150 shares of PNNT. Considering the risk level, I will probably stop at 150 shares unless the price drops enough to make the risk/reward ratio more enticing. My average yield for PNNT dropped a little bit to 17.19%. It’s still an insanely high yield, but we’ll see what will happen. To learn more about why I invested in such a high risk stock like PNNT, see my March post for my thoughts and concerns about PNNT.

Lastly, I bought 30 more shares of Western Asset Global High Income Fund (NYSE:EHI) at $9.263 per share. Why only 30 shares? Just to nudge it up to a nice round 400 total of shares. With this new buy, the average yield for my EHI position went up very slightly from 12.00% to 12.04%. As for why I initially bought into EHI, see my August 2015 post.

All total, these three dividend stock buys have raised my projected monthly average dividend income by $15.89 to $687.75 per month. Nice! Another step closer to breaking $700.00. 🙂

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