Jun 13 2019

My Dividend Investing Presentation

Illustration of Dividend Investing presentation
A couple months ago I attended the Investor’s Business Daily investors meeting at one of the public library branches in Vancouver Washington. I was late and only caught the last half of the meeting, but after the meeting I talked with the meeting’s organizer, and emailed him a brief summary of my dividend investing work and a link to this site. Impressed, he invited me to speak at the next meeting in June.

During the time between meetings, I developed a presentation slideshow in PowerPoint that covered the essentials of why I got into dividend investing, my unorthodox strategy of investing in ETF/CEF stocks, my notable successes and failures, and some advice about investing for passive income. On June 4th, I arrived at the library and gave my 30 minute presentation in the middle of the meeting’s allotted 90 minutes. The meeting had only five attendees, including myself, so it was a small audience. I have taken speech class in college and participated in Toastmasters nearly a decade ago, so stage fright or public speaking anxiety wasn’t a problem, fortunately.

However, the presentation wasn’t entirely smooth sailing. I was asked some good questions about my investment choices, and some of those choices weren’t easy to defend. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate some of my dividend stock investments and find areas that need improving. When operating as a solo investor, some constructive criticisms and sharp questions are a beneficial thing, as one can develop a narrow vision when it comes to investing (dividend investing is fun, but it’s not the only investing method).

If you’re curious, my presentation’s slideshow is available for download in either PowerPoint 2019 or PDF format, so check it out and let me know what you think.

Image Credit: mohamed_hassan (pixabay.com)


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