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This is a quickie. Taking advantage of the stock market’s downturn, on December 15th I bought 125 additional shares of Liberty All-Star Equity Fund (NYSE: USA) at $5.56 per share. With a dividend of $0.16 per share, this paid a quarterly $20 and raised my projected average monthly dividend income by $6.66. It’s not a big increase, but it’s progress!

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  1. dividendgeek

    General market downs does help with easy buys! Good buy mate!

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks dividendgeek! Given the market drops in the past week, there are even better buying opportunities than there were in mid-December. Keep your eyes open and your mouse button finger ready to make a good buy.

  2. Reinis

    Hi Dividend Quest!
    Thanks for sharing your short but awesome dividend income reports.

    Thanks to your blog I’ve bought a couple of the names you hold, including the USA.

    Now I have a question -do you take cash or DRIP USA dividend? I was surprised to learn that I got DRIP instead of dividend at the start of January.

    1. Dividend Quest

      Hi Reinis! Glad to see you’re trying out USA, as it’s got a pretty sweet dividend yield. I just take cash payouts instead of DRIP, as this gives me more options. I can take the cash to invest in other dividend paying stocks, I can let the cash accumulate for future stock buys or other investments, or I can tap into the cash for personal expenses. As for your DRIP, you may want to check the settings for your online brokerage account, as DRIP may be the default. You can also call your brokerage service and have them change your account’s dividend payouts from DRIP to cash (if that’s what you want).

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