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On the last trading day of the year, I added 80 shares of New Residential Investment Corp (NYSE:NRZ) at $17.9063 per share to my dividend investing portfolio. With a dividend of 50 cents per share, my NRZ buy has a dividend yield of 11.17%. Nice!

NRZ is my second foray into dividend growth investing, as it’s among the many Dividend Aristocrat stocks that have a history of regularly raising their dividends. NRZ is a REIT like OHI, my previous Dividend Aristocrat buy, but NRZ specializes in residential real estate.

According to Zillow, the residential real estate market is expected to continue to do well next year. However, the rate of home price growth will slow but demand will still continue to exceed supply through the year.

I think NRZ is a good investment choice to end the year with and I hope it continues to grow its dividend, moving from a Dividend Challenger to a Dividend Contender.

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  1. Doug

    Good solid pickup. It’s my largest holding via shares and my largest payer. Been very happy with it and it should raise its dividend I’m hoping at least once this year. Last year they did it twice so no telling. I’m happy with the yield the raises are icing on the cake.

    1. Dividend Quest

      Thanks Doug! Actually, I have you to thank for first telling me about NRZ, as you mentioned it in one of your previous comments. I was intrigued and kept an eye on it. I’m quite happy with the yield too, but hopefully NRZ will raise the dividend at least once this year.

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