May 01 2017

My Latest Buys: WDR, ZTR

There’s really not much to write about, as I only made two stock buys for April. First, I added 100 shares (at $11.75 each) of Virtus Global Dividend & Income Fund (NYSE:ZTR) to my dividend investing portfolio for a total of 300 shares of ZTR. Next I bought 40 more shares of Waddell & Reed Financial (NYSE:WDR) at $16.7957 per share, bringing my total number of WDR shares to 200.

These two stock buys will add $17.43 to my projected average monthly dividend income, which is a good step towards recovering from the various dividend cuts my portfolio suffered so far this year.

Image Credits: PublicDomainPictures (shopper, money), (pixabay.com); NYSE logo © New York Stock Exchange

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