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What’s nice about about going nearly two months without buying any stock is that the cash reserve gets to build up from incoming dividend payouts and fresh capital from my matching program. With a pile of cash ready for deployment, I was ready to buy more stocks before the month’s end, so I made one buy last week and four buys earlier this week.  That makes December the largest number of buys I have ever done in a single month.

Here’s what I bought (in chronological order):
150 shares of PNNT at $8.00 per share
150 shares of PNNT at $7.70 per share
40 shares of CODI at $17.75 per share
80 shares of AWP at $5.155 per share
35 shares of EDF at $14.572 per share

That’s a lot of stocks added to the dividend investment portfolio. Altogether, these new stock buys will lift my projected average monthly dividend income by $43.10. Wooot!

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